Renella and Henry

Renella is a 53-year-old woman who suffers from a learning disability and schizophrenia. Her family, who live abroad, referred her to our organization for assistance. Her husband, who was older than her, served as her primary caregiver. However, he developed dementia and kidney failure just before the Covid pandemic. Renella struggled to care for him, and it became apparent that their poor diet was negatively impacting his prognosis. Medical professionals advised us that he may only have a few months to live. We began building trust with Renella and her husband, Henry, and provided support for both of them, including regular carers and assistance with food shopping. Despite the initial prognosis, Henry’s health improved, and he continued to live for another three years from his original diagnosis. However, it became clear that Renella would be unable to cope once Henry passed away, and we started making arrangements for them to move into assisted living. This involved selling their property and redecorating a supported living property to suit their needs. We managed the move with minimal disruption to ensure a smooth transition for Henry and Renella, who soon settled into their new home.

Renella expressed her desire for one last holiday together with Henry. They requested to visit Cornwall, as it held sentimental value to them as the location of their honeymoon. We arranged for two carers to accompany them to a holiday home in Cornwall for a week. We liaised with the owners of the property to ensure it was suitable.  We ensured that groceries were delivered upon their arrival and arranged transportation with one of our trusted taxi drivers who understood the specific needs of vulnerable clients. They had an amazing final holiday together, and we were delighted to fulfil this last wish for both of them. Sadly, Henry passed away at the end of last year, however, we continue to support Renella with her ongoing needs.