Patrickand his New-Found Trust

Patrick was referred to us by social services. His social worker had been assisting him with the renovation of his bungalow, which had suffered significant damage from a flood. During this time, Patrick had been staying at a care home. As the renovations were nearing completion, his social worker realized that Patrick would require ongoing support once he returned home. Going above and beyond her normal duties as a Social Worker, she ensured that all the necessary work was carried out for Patrick and even accompanied him to town to pay the tradespeople involved.

His social worker informed us that Patrick had been primarily cared for by his mother throughout his life, but unfortunately, he had experienced abuse from his step-father. Moreover, his mother had discouraged him from socializing as an adult, leading him to become reclusive. When his mother’s health declined in later years, Patrick struggled to provide adequate care for her, resulting in the intervention of Social Services due to neglect.

To address Patrick’s needs, we arranged for Fran, one of our independent, exceptional carers who also assists other clients, to make two daily care visits. Upon Patrick’s return home, it became apparent that due to his difficult background, he would self-neglect without assistance from others. He requires help with bathing, struggles with bladder control, and lacks knowledge in cooking for himself. Additionally, he finds it challenging to trust people and often experiences extreme paranoia.

Fortunately, Fran has done an outstanding job in supporting Patrick, and he has made remarkable progress since returning home. He has developed a strong bond of trust with her. We have also established a weekly shopping visit, during which Fran purchases all the food items Patrick prefers and assists him with meal preparation. She helps him with bathing, ensures he dresses appropriately in clean clothes, and even takes care of his beloved cat, Mindy.